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Former Big Brother AngolaMozambique housemates Maura Melaco and Mistake end relationship

Former Big Brothers Maura Molasses and Mistake end relationship Maura Melaço says ex-partner would not let her leave home and have a life of her own.

maura melaco mistake

What on heaven could be happening to Big Brother Africa couples? Few of them only exist to date with  most ending the relationship they got when they were in Big Brother's house. Some have opted to part ways leaving in jeopardy what passion they had conceived. Former BBxtremo housemates are not an exception to this.

After a year of relationship, former Big Brother Angola and Mozambique participants Maura Melaço and Mozambican Mistake decided to end their relationship. The couple had been engaged since November of last year. Maura Melaço told the Platinaline portal that she has been beaten physically by her partner. 

According to the dancer, Mistake would not let her leave the house. 
"He will not let me have friends and will not let me out. I live locked, I can not go to the gym, I can not do anything. I'd rather be single. " 
In October of last year, Mistake had recorded a video with his girlfriend in which the two staged a wedding and published it on social networks. 

The couple met on the reality show "Big Brother Xtremo", produced by DSTV, which brought together competitors from Angola and Mozambique. Mistake shared the grand prize with Angolan singer Papetchulo.

Other housemates who have seperated after spending some time together in Big Brother house include K2 and Blue Mbombo, Hakeem and Feza, Angelo and Beverly Osu among others. 

EXPOSED! Gifty's Wedding Photos from 2014. She Was Once Married Before Entering BBNaija

The Truth Revealed By Gifty's Cousin-in-law....

gifty wedding

She Says:

Gifty is Married to my Cousin David Sorochukwu Akumah AkA Sodafaces… a renowned Nollywood Director and Producer whom am not surprised that he decided to keep quiet over this matter till now because of his meek nature as a Quiet-Busy-Responsible man and had in the Past, vowed not to be associated with what ever Gifty is involved in because of scandals.

For the Records! My Cousine David never uploaded Gifty’s wedding pictures as an instrument in removing Gifty from BBN as accused, or to claim her further as his legally married wife,… rather what he did was to shut down Folders of upto 1000 copies of both Bachelors, Traditional and White wedding pictures of him and Gifty from his Facebook account, immediately after they had a problem that was not properly managed by the couple themselves about Gifty’s Cheating Life while still in his husband’s house.

It’s a Pity that Gifty is still a very big Liar, never truthful to her new Fans and will never be because that’s how her fake identified super model mother as she said in Pulse TV interview brought her up. Obviously you can’t give what you don’t have…Gifty was not morally brought up due to want of making it big with the mother by all means over the years.

Please Nigerians disregard whatever that comes out from that big fake liar’s mouth called Gifty because she cannot give what she does not have which is TRUTH. She was trained by a funny Mother who gave birth to over four children from different men inwhich all the children she have, never knew their father including the so called Gifty (#FACT).

Gifty… I decided to fight dirty through this piece of write up because you don’t know the disgrace you have robbed and brought upon Rev. Professor Akumah’s family which I belong to. You are a wife not some girlfriend of Mr2k or whatever he calls himself..and a point of advice to all men out there….please I beg of you try and find out a little info about any woman you are having an affair with because you may be sleeping with another man’s wife and thereby bringing a curse to yourself …don’t forget our traditions in Nigeria is still very strong to fight offenders…

…And for #BBN or #BBA…please make true identification findings about married people on your show before reducing our Nigerian morals to zero.

Gifty those pictures online you saw and decided to react with lies when the game is over was a 2014 mobile upload pictures you used your hand to upload through my Cousin’s phone when you guys were living together as husband and wife…obviously because you felt he had more Nollywood followers in FB than you and decided to use his platform unknowing to him of the wrong English expression you had attached to those posts of yours that turned against he is undergoing a public disgrace and accusation from your likers that he wants to either use you to sale out as a brand or bring you down…Rubbish! Something he innocently knows nothing about and even does not know how to react to the blackmail because he is also a public figure.

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I swear you get luck no be me dey marry you…seriously I for finish you in this your stupid online game.

In their wedding on 6th April 2014, our former Governor His Excellency Senator DR. SAM EGWU was in attendance alongside other important government dignitaries at Assemblies of God Church Odunukwe in Abakaliki followed by a grand wedding reception at WDC Hall in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State (#VERIFY- Please you are free to ask your friends around Abakaliki because it was a huge wedding)
gifty wedding bbnaija

gifty naija

Gifty! that your Husband whom though do not want to change his mind in not bringing you back to his house after all his family’s persuasion to do so when your manipulative immoral mother came to his house at Asaba and took you away to Ghana simply because she asked for my cousin after one week of their white wedding to open a boutique for her (Gifty’s Mother) in a choice place in Lagos and he begged her to be allowed for sometime to enable him recoup from his just concluded wedding spendings which she vehemently refused and took you! her daughter away.

I can only say may God forgive you and your mother because to you people… traditional and white wedding is just like a one day bikini Party moneyooo my cousin take use package such wedding no be Paperooo Danm!…

Please Gifty this is not Liberia where your mum grew up…This is Nigeria where a woman can only leave her husband for good or bad either by way of tradition through giving Dowry back by the Elders or Court dissolving the union via Divorce proceedings.

Please Be wise and say the truth before you loose everything including your new fans and be rest assured that my cousin Brother may not accept you back because you and your mother have crossed the line…and if you continue blackmailing or threatening him weather publicly with your so called Online PR Team or phone calls as you and your mum is doing at the moment, then I will be forced to release Audio and Video facts of all of these am saying because I know some of your likers will still blindly say these pictures below i took with my own camera during their traditional and white wedding and also when the couple were signing Marriage certificate were all photoshoped or you are been framed as usual…So in absence of your next actions, I say May God help your mother to help you redirect your life positively before its too late since you both are inseparable. I believe you can also make it bigger with little or more morals like most of our Nigerian celebrities… GoodLuck

Former Big Brother Africa Housemate Tayo Faniran Welcomes Baby No 2!

Former Big Brother Hotshots housemate Tayo Faniran has welcomed his second child.
tayo faniran baby2

Just a day after he hit the Big Brother Naija stage at the Sunday’s live evictions to perform some of his songs, the BBA star took to his Instagram page yesterday to share the good news.
Congratulations to him!
He wrote:
And after my performance last night at #BBNaija God blessed me with this treasure of immeasurable value, God I thank you! Thanks to my fans and @bigbrothernaija2017 for making last night a special one for me. Meanwhile my birthday is coming up in 5 days. #BBNaija #KingKongRecords #Tayonation cc @payporte.

PHOTO: Soma Fingering Gifty in Big Brother Naija 2017

PHOTO: Soma Fingering Gifty in Big Brother Naija 2017

 Soma Fingering Gifty in Big Brother Naija 2017

Ex-BBA star Jerome Arab bounces back

Ex-BBA star Jerome Arab bounces back

HARARE - Since he left the Big Brother Africa (BBA) two years ago, Jerome “JJ” Arab has largely stayed away from the limelight until recently.

Late last year, JJ resurfaced doing some gigs in Zambia alongside Zambian songstress Namvula Rennie and Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and saxophonist Vee Mukarati.
The Daily News on Sunday’s Dakarai Mashava recently spoke to JJ on his music career and other aspects of his life. Below are excerpts of the interview:

Can you tell me a bit about who Jerome Arab is? Is it your real name?

Jerome Arab is my real name, but I was born to a 13-year old girl Nathalie Helen Hussey on the 27th of December 1990, in Harare, Zimbabwe and she gave me up for adoption. Yassim and Geraldine Arab took me in as their son at two weeks old and have brought me up since then. I attended North Park Primary School, Prince Edward High School and ended up studying television and film at Manchester College, England.

Life was tough in England because at the age of 17, I was alone working two jobs to survive and attending college. Just before the end of my course my paper work went missing from the British Border Agency and I lost my jobs. I spent the next three and a half years in England sleeping on couches, in pubs or the famous dance studio of the North West (Studio 25).

I managed to sort out some paper work to return home and as I was leaving they handed me my Zimbabwean passport that they said had been missing for the past years. They made life hard for me but I learnt that there is no place like home (Africa). Instead of being bitter, I took it as God helping me take a step back in order to move forward, and my life in Africa is that of a king: People taking pictures, asking for autographs, sleeping on a bed, a hot plate of food everyday and a roof over my head. I am truly blessed.

Has your music career blossomed since you left the Big Brother Africa House? What kind of music are you into?

Yes it has, I have managed to make good friends because of the show. The last two years have been about learning the music industry in Africa, assembling a team and also perfecting my skills in the studio and on stage. I am driven by soul but heavily influenced by blues, hip-hop, house and pop.
I have recorded tonnes of stuff but I was not ready to share with the world until now. My career has been up and down due to a number of factors but I am happy because that struggle has influenced my writing. I think it was the great Muddy Waters that said, “You can’t sing the blues if you privileged.” Well something like that and I agree.

You recently performed with Zambian songstress Namvula Rennie and Vee Mukarati in Namibia and Zambia. How did the gigs come about? Are there any other gigs you have taken part in?
Yes I did perform out there with them and in Zambia I got to open for Namvula to a sold out venue. I have been concentrating mainly on getting my band and style on point and had stopped performing live for a while, but these last few months I have picked up the stage microphone and started working again.

I performed at a Trace Africa event (Summer Jam 2016) alongside DJ Joe Mfalme (Kenya), Salma Sky (Zambia) and a number of other African DJs. The event was hosted by Abel Chungu Musuka and was the first of its kind. My next gig is in Zambia today  (January 8) and marks the start to an amazing year for me, as there are a number of things lined up: first a six-track E.P which we plan to release in February, an album release for the end of the year, and a single or two. We are also planning tours in the coming months, and hopefully HIFA will let me grace their stage this year.
It would appear you are deliberately not publicising your gigs and activities in the media, why is it so?

I was looking to first get to a point where I had something truly original to give the world and not just be another replica of other musicians. I want people to watch Jerome not Michael Jackson or Bob Marley. I want them to hear what I have to say, not just repeat what Cassper Nyovest and Jah Prayzah are saying. So I have been working on me and that is the only reason I kept to myself. It is like Henry Ford working on the first commercial vehicle, he did not do that in public but when it was ready he revealed it to the world.

Any projects you have lined up which music fans can look forward to?

Now is the best time to click “follow” on all my pages because this year as I mentioned before I have a number of exciting projects coming your way: the “Learning Love” E.P; my album “Mr Arab” drops towards the end of the year and several gigs all over Africa.
Other than music what else are you doing?

I am passionate about the arts and providing platforms for talented up and coming live acts. I studied media studies in the UK, and kept up this interest by directing and producing television programmes. The latest show I was involved in on the production-side was “Paya 1” which aired on Zambezi Magic, and which looked at street culture in Zambia.

Under my entertainment company - Underrated Individuals - I run events such as ‘Unscripted’, a night that gives talented live acts from comedians and poets to musicians and rappers the opportunity to shine in a laid-back, lounge-like atmosphere that is truly supportive of live art. I am based in Lusaka, Zambia and Harare, Zimbabwe until the world calls me elsewhere.

Did Maura Melaco and Mistake from Big Brother Xtremo get married? See Photo

Did Maura Melaco and Mistake from Big Brother Angola Mozambique get married? See Photo

maura melaco mistake

Former Big Brother AFrica Aspirant VERA SIDIKA shares image of her Sponsor

PHOTO: Kenya's Vera Sidika Shares Exclusive PHOTOS of her sponsor in Burj Khalifa

vera sidika sponsor

Is BBA Winner Idris Sultan Preparing to get a new lover? See his Recent Post on INSTAGRAM @idrissultan

You don't get a perfect lover, you get a good lover and you create perfection #patience

Mampi Mirriam Mukape - No Make Up Selfie

She calls herself Mampi The Queen Diva on Instagram. Check out her no  make up selfie on instagram @Mampithequeendiva

Kevin & Elizabeth Celebrate 4th Wedding Anniversary

Kevin & Elizabeth Celebrate 4th Wedding Anniversary

Former BBA housemates, Kevin Chuwang Pam and Elizabeth Gupta, are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today, February 26, 2015.

Kevin and his wife, Elizabeth, met in the BBA house during the 2009 edition of the show (which he won), and later got married in 2011.

The Big Brother Africa: Revolution couple have two children - a boy and a girl.

Congratulations to them.

Some 'Naija' ladies threatened me when I dated Kevin — Elizabeth of Big Brother Africa

Some 'Naija' ladies threatened me when I dated Kevin — Elizabeth of Big Brother Africa

Kevin and Elizabeth were both housemates in Big Brother Africa 2009 edition. Kevin Chuwang Pam emerged winner. Now married to former Elizabeth Gupta, another BBA housemate, they speak about their marriage inHappy Home series.

When and how did you meet?
Kevin: We met in 2009 on the Big Brother Africa reality show. 

When did you decide to marry her?
Kevin: I took the decision as soon as I stepped out to the real world looking at the new status, the need to be more responsible and focused. She was a perfect match to make my dreams come true. I would say I am the most favoured housemate that Big Brother has ever produced. I did not only win, I found fame, fortune and a life partner. What more can I ask for? My wife is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Elizabeth: His proposal shocked me because I felt it was too soon and we dated for only three months after BBA. Initially, I thought it was because of pressure from our fans and I wasn’t too sure he knew what he was doing. I kept asking if he really wanted to settle down after the fame or if we will just get into the marriage and get out.

Why did you agree to marry him?
Elizabeth: I am a risk taker and none of my friends knew what was going on. My first trip to Nigeria was for his show and till date, I sometimes don’t even know why I agreed. I thought it was one of those things you do and later regret. But here I am, happy I made the choice. It is the best thing I have done, no regrets.

Were your parents supportive of the union?
Kevin: We enjoyed mad support from our families.

Elizabeth: My father is late and my mum was a huge fan of Kevin while he was in the BBA house. In short, she was angry when I kept turning down his advances in the house and had to ask my closest friends who the serious guy I was dating outside the house was.

How do you manage cultural differences between Nigeria and Tanzania?
Kevin: There have been a lot of adjustments because culture shock will play a role. My wife has had to adjust a lot since she left her country, Tanzania, to live with me here in Nigeria. These adjustments include food, our driving method, and language.

Elizabeth: I am very adventurous with food and I cook one of the best Egusi, Kuka and vegetable soups. When people eat it they don’t believe I cooked it. I make his local delicacies very well but I am still trying to adjust to how aggressive people can be in Nigeria, not in a bad way though. Back in Tanzania, we are slow and a bit laidback but there is this drive in Nigeria. It is sometimes overwhelming and I am trying to catch up. I drive on the right hand side in Tanzania and on the left hand in Nigeria. Sometimes, I go blank while driving in Nigeria and I will ask myself what side I should be on. Apart from these reasons, I have adjusted well.

When you were courting, did it cross your mind that she might disappoint you? 

Kevin: It is always possible to have such thoughts but faith always supersedes every negative thoughts.
Elizabeth: When some Nigerian ladies got to know we were dating I was actually getting threats and stinkers. I heard statements such as, ‘You are reaping where you didn’t sow,’ and so many more. These lasted for a while but had stopped now.

Are there challenges working together as a couple?
Kevin: Nothing serious because everyone faces challenges in marriage.

Your union has been waxing stronger and shut down naysayers. What is the secret?
Kevin: Well, here is someone the whole world said was not interested in me or wanted me while we were in the House together. They didn’t see what could lead to marriage between us after Big Brother. But here we are. She has been in Nigeria since then and adapting very well. She is doing really well. Our union has surpassed expectations of many.
Elizabeth: I feel proud and happy to be married and still remain in love. Our marriage is a great achievement.

But do you think relationships chanced upon on the BBA show can last?
Elizabeth: Yes, it can and all depends on the background of the parties involved. Unlike when you were dating for three years, both of you get to see the good and the ugly side of each other in the house for three months.

How do you react to tales that you agreed to marry him because of his BBA $200,000 prize money?
Elizabeth: Initially, it bothered me but not anymore after I realised that I am the only one who understands me best. Whenever I am asked this question, I reply, ‘Does any woman want a broke man? Yes I went for the rich guy.’

What are the most valuable gifts you have shared?
Kevin: Everything I own belongs to her and the question of sharing doesn’t even come up.

What qualities do you admire most in your partner?
Elizabeth: I love the fact that he is very spiritual and focused. He also helps me to grow spiritually.

What are some of the Nigerian stereotypes you have dropped since your wedding to Kevin?
Elizabeth: Since I married Kevin, four Tanzanians have called me and they were seeking advice because they are dating Nigerian men. We have hosted some here in Nigeria, seen their relationships grow and now they are married. In fact, East African girls are crazy about Nigerian. They are dying to have them.

Why the preference for Nigerian men?
Elizabeth: They say they are very caring and you can’t find this anywhere else.

How do you handle differences?
Kevin: We handle it maturely and lovingly correct each other.
Elizabeth: I am first to apologise because I can’t stay angry for so long even if he is wrong.
Do you run a joint account?
Kevin: Yes we do and it was a mutual agreement.

How do you handle advances from the opposite sex?
Kevin: You always have to draw a line whether married or not. I guess that line has helped us manage our fans. 

Elizabeth: He makes it easier for me because he takes me along and makes sure I know about them. My love for my husband is rock solid.

What gives you the assurance that he will not fall into temptation?

The only assurance is in the grace of God.
Elizabeth: I love and absolutely trust my husband. My love for him is rock solid.

Do you share same friends?
Kevin: Yes, we do share some close friends but not all the way.

Who is stricter as parent?
I think I am.

What adjustments have you made since marriage?

Elizabeth: Priorities have changed. Now, when there is money on the table it’s the kids and Kevin first before I think of myself.

What don’t you like about your husband?
Elizabeth: He likes keeping quiet about certain issues and sometimes it works but there are things we need to address as a couple.

Do you still have date nights as a couple?

Elizabeth: Yes we still go clubbing and travel occasionally.
Kevin: Yes, we do but the frequency dropped as kids started coming.

Source: Kemi Ashefon

BBA's Mambea from Ghana Angered by new Fiancee Rumours

Ghana's Mambea IG: @Mambea_prideofghana revealed her frustrations after Ghana's blogger Ameyaw posted stunning gossip about her new relationship with Funny Face. See her instagram post below..

@huddahmonroe joins @rickyrozay & @djkhaled as Belaire Ambassadors. #LucBelaire #BlackBottleGirls

Via MTV Base East : Huddahmonroe Joins Rick Ross and DJ Khaled as Belaire Ambassadors

huddah monroe belaire ambassadors

BBA's contestant Feza Kessy sends a coded message to oneal in her latest single

BBA's contestant Feza Kessy sends a coded message to oneal in her latest single

Former Big Brother Africa season 8 Tanzania rep, Fesa Kessy who released her latest single titled Walete is currently on a musical tour in Kenya.

The Choice FM presenter and Musician is promoting her Walete song that was released on her YouTube channel in late September. The song was produced in Tanzania, directed by  Hanscana and shot on location in downtown Dar es Salaam.

Walete is a melancholic song where Feza Kessy appears to be telling off her imaginary detractors.

It can also be argued that she might be sending an encrypted message to her former boo and fellow chasemate Oneal. This particular line stands out :
“Ukinipa uchungu sikupii…” literary translated as "you gave me great pain...."
She once tweeted how she was frustrated in the botched relationship: ” Sometimes u can love someone with all your being, and all they do is disrespect you! All u do is give give give & they just take take take!” 

Buns in the Oven: BBA star Cleo is expecting a baby in 12 weeks

Heavily Pregnant Cleo Ice Queen Shows off Baby Hump

cleo bba pregnant

 2017 will be off to a great start for the Chasemate, Cleo who will be welcoming a baby to her family. 

cleo bba pregnantFormer Big Brother Africa the chase housemate and Zambia’s hip-hop queen,Cleo Ice Queen full-name Clementina Mulenga is 5/6 months pregnant and is expecting a baby in about 3 months.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Cleo shared photos where she flaunts her baby bump with a caption "Shooting my latest "SOLDIER" video while being 5/6months PREGNANT was quite an exciting challenge for me. I always say...pregnancy is not a disease or disability. For as long as the woman carrying is physically well and fit...she's encouraged to stay active, DRINK...lots if eat healthy. Hope you ENJOY the video as much as i enjoyed shooting it. link in my bio audio via #bless #countingdown #supermom #SoldierVideo #SoldierWave #IceQueenSoldier "

Former housemates including Pokello have already sent congratulatory messages to her.

Congratulation Cleo, we wish you blessings till delivery.

See her baby pump photos below
cleo ice queen pregnant

How drugs messed BBA contestant Nando Khan [PHOTOS]

How drugs messed BBA contestant Nando Khan [PHOTOS]

Taking the wrong cue from life, and after getting trapped by the alluring life of substance abuse, the former pretty boy now looks nothing like what Africa beauties fell for every time cameras zoomed on him.

Tanzanian media chick Joy Lydia Wayodi threw the blogsphere into a state of shock after posting a photo showing what he looks like at the moment and another one from his heydays. It’s a “before and after” like you have never seen it. And I mean it in a bad way…

The recent photo shows Nando clad in an oversized shirt which was partially buttoned, the telltale signs of a hardcore drug user. The emaciated Khan looks like he hasn’t tasted real food for ages.

Nando who was nicknamed ‘Pretty Boy’ for obvious reasons, was part of the 2013 edition of the South African hit reality television show and the particular season was dubbed “The Chase” alongside Kenya’s Annabel Mbaru.

The Tanzanian was however eliminated after getting into a nasty physical brawl with his Ghanaian counterpart Elikem Kumordzie.

Check out the photo below: courtesy of

3 things we remember about actress from Big Brother Africa: Hotshot

3 things we remember about actress from Big Brother Africa: Hotshot

Today, November 11, is Lilian Afegbai's birthday, and we are sharing 3 things we remember from her stay in the BBA 2014 house.

An actress, Lilian Afegbai rose to fame after her stay in the Big Brother Hotshots house.

The actress was without doubt one of the interesting housemates of the season, who made the show an interesting one.
Today, November 11, is Lilian Afegbai's birthday, and we are sharing three things we remember from her stay in the BBA 2014 house.

1. When Lilian and Tayo got engaged in a heated argument over money and love

The first fight in the house occurred barely four hours into the show, and Nigerian housemates were present to set the pace.
The first heated argument was between Nigerian housemates, Lilian and Tayo, and the duo argued over love and money.

Lilian Afegbaiplay
Lilian Afegbai
 (Big Brother)

2. When Lilian received a bum massage from Namibian housemate, Linus

Barely 48 hours in the house, Nigerian house mate Lilian received a bum massage from Namibian housemate Linus during a  'Physical Therapy' session.
3. When Lilian revealed twerking as her addiction
Lilian was popular for her perfect moves, the former housemate could twerk perfectly without a background music.
She once admitted her 'addiction to twerking' to her fellow housemates. "I need to twerk at least 20 times a day, minimum,"she said to Alusa and Frankie.
 play(Instagram )

On Sunday, October 19, 2006, Lilian was evicted from the Big Brother House.
Following her eviction, Afegbai was announced as the face of Multichoice West Africa. "My contributions during the Big Brother Hotshots must have played a key role in this move," she said.
Since her exit from the reality show, she has featured in Nollywood movies including "Happy Ending" and "Undercover Lover."

PHOTOS: TV Presenter Mbali Nkosi's Boyfriend?

PHOTOS: IS THIS TV Presenter Mbali Nkosi's NEW Boyfriend?

Ik Osakioduwa celebrate 8th wedding anniversary PHOTOS

Ik Osakioduwa celebrate 8th wedding anniversary

Pokello’s pink bottom shoes debut in Botswana

Pokello’s pink bottom shoes debut in Botswana

Former Big Brother Africa BBA housemate Pokello Nare has launched her shoe line at the up market store in Phakalane, Materialgirlz. Pokello was also the main attraction at the launch this past Saturday.

The storeowner, Charity Baaitse said she decided to have Pokello’s shoe line because of its uniqueness.

She said that pink bottom shoes are now the ‘in thing’ and they are a must have for every girl and or woman.

“Pink bottom shoes have become quite popular, they have become a must have in every girl’s wardrobe,” she said.

“The question would now be why Pokello’s pink bottoms. Well she is a force to reckon with, almost every woman in Africa adores her and her style.

“Plus they are really comfortable and affordable, she had put a lot of hard work and sweat in her brand and we only wanted to be associated with such,” Baaitse said.

Three international shoe designers, namely Sophia Webster,

Sergio Rossi and Christian Louboutin, inspired the shoe line.

Notably the shoes were named after her Big Brother housemates including amongst others Botswana’s rep Motamma, MotammaMalt.

Others include Tanzania’s Feza called Kessymint and, the season’s winner Namibia’s Dillish called DilishgoldDust. The shoes are going at only P1,690 per pair.

About the store, Materialgirlz, Baaitse said that she offers a wide range of fashion garments which cater for both the plus size women, expecting mothers as well as for the young funky girls.

“There is a corner for every single woman here, whether you are a plus size, expecting or the corporate look, there is everything for everyone,” she said. The store is located at the Mowana Park in Phakalane.

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